Training Services


We have been conducting technical seminars and training schools on various aspects of fired heaters, since May 1997. We have developed a special training program offering practical tips in a simple language. During this training, we cover the basics of fired heater equipment, combustion reaction and optimization operations. We also present actual case studies discussing various aspects of fired heaters operation and troubleshooting.

Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited- Mumbai, India (August 2010)

FIS was invited to conduct two training programs at HPCL Mumbai. The first training was for engineers and the second was for Operators. FIS got excellent results. The following is the opinion of some of the attendees.

● Very good program for enhancing the skills for both experienced as well as fresh operating crew - Yusuf Patthawala

Reliance Engineering Ltd. - Mumbai, India (February2010/April 2010)

In 2010, FIS conducted two “Fired Heaters Training School” for more than 60 Engineers. The attendance response was excellent. Here are a few feedbacks:

●Contents of the presentation are simple to understand - Sanjay P. Ghodke

IOCL – India (November 2009 / April 2010 / August 2010)

FIS conducted a Training Programs for more than 25 Operators and Engineers on “Fired Heater Operation and Optimization” in November 2009 in Gurgaon India. Here are a few feedbacks:

●As a new PNE I got to know the different components of heaters, in detail and about some important efficiency improving steps. - Abhishek Chatterjee-PNE

Phillips66 – North Lincolnshire, UK (December 2008)

FIS conducted a 2-day training program for 20 operators and engineers on “Fired Heater Training Course” in December 2008 for Phillips66 at Humber Refinery. Here are comments from our participants.

●As someone who had very limited knowledge of fired heaters the terminology, general design and general operating sections were very informative.

Hovensa - Virgin Islands (August 2003)

In August 2003, we conducted a two day training of about 30 operators and engineers at Hovensa, Virgin Islands. This was very well taken. Here is what the course participants said:

●“Flame pattern, saving of fuel and optimizing heater for perfect Oxygen and draft and troubleshooting interested me the most” - Raymond William
Hovensa was very happy with the training results. Hovensa awarded FIS a repeat contract for training about 75 more operators over three one-day training sessions. This was conducted in June, 2004.

BASF - Port Arthur, TX (December 2002)

At BASF, Port Arthur, we conducted a one day training program on fired heaters operation, in Dec. 2002. This program was customized to cover their DP Reactor heater and Regeneration Gas Heater. About 40 Operators and Engineers attended the training program.

●“The training was valuable as most of the information presented was in reference to unit heaters within our facility” - Bill Miller

Phillips66 – Houston, TX (July 2001)

We conducted a 2-day training program on “NOx reduction in Fired Heaters and Boilers” in July 2001 for Phillips66 at Houston. Here are a couple of feedbacks:

●“I wish I had this course a year ago; Discussion on levels of Burner NOx capabilities, information on vendor products, pitfalls to avoid and suggestions for revamps are the most valuable topics in the course” - Andy Holman

Lyondell CITGO – Houston, TX (January 1999)

In 1999, Furnace Improvements conducted in-house training of more than 300 operators, 80 supervisors, and 25 engineers at Lyondell CITGO Refining Company (LCR), Houston, TX. This training was customized to address three major issues:

● Safety
● Reliability and
● Efficient Operation of Fired Heaters and Boilers in the Refinery. LCR has almost 60-fired heaters and combustion equipment. The training was customized to the individual heaters in each unit. The training was very well received and operators felt very confident in tackling heater problems after the training. Here is what some of the participants said about training:

• The course increased my general heater knowledge and knowledge of heaters specifically designed for my unit - Otho Miley, Crude Unit, LCR