New Fired Heaters

Engineering Design

Let us design your new Fired Heater.

With years of experience inspecting and revamping heaters, we know exactly what goes into making an efficient, economical, and long-lasting heater. Our engineering services are:

  • Thermal Design and Modeling

  • Development of API Data Sheets

  • Mechanical Design

  • CFD Modeling

  • Pressure Parts Design

  • Intermediate Tube Sheets, Hangers Design

  • Structural Analysis and Design (STAAD)

  • GA, Fabrication and Erection Drawings


Procurement and Fabrication

We can procure and build your heater.

Furnace Improvements Services has established numerous long-term relationships with the best vendors in the industry. We are experts in procuring and fabricating heaters to exact specifications.

  • Material Requisitions and Engineering Specifications.

  • Vendor Bid Evaluation

  • Purchase Requisitions

  • Fabrication Sub-contracted to Renowned Shops

  • Shop Inspection and Quality Control


Project Management

We are there from start to finish.

We work with you from start to finish to ensure each project runs smoothly and finishes on time. This means clear communications between FIS and vendors, contractors, and clients.

  • Planning and Scheduling

  • Project Monitoring

  • Project Progress Report

  • Vendor Coordination/Follow Up with Client

  • Job Walk with Erection Contractors

  • Erection Supervision

  • Heater Start-Up/Commissioning

Reference List:

  • Citgo - Supply of New 47 MMBtu/hr Combined Feed Heater

  • Phillips 66 - Design, Engineering & Supply of a New 40 MMBtu/hr Vacuum Heater (H-28) and transfer line re-rating

  • Devon Energy - Supply & Erection of New 25 MMBtu/hr Hot Oil Heater

  • Phillips 66 - Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Supply of a new 165 MMBtu/hr Hot Oil Heater

  • Staatsolie - Supply of 58 MMBtu/hr Visbreaker Charge Heater

  • Sealion Technologies - Supply of New 0.44 MMBtu/hr Reaction Heater

  • Gladieux Processing - Supply of New 58 MMBtu/hr Hot Oil Heater

  • NTS System - Design and Engineering of 2 new 3 MMBtu/hr Air Heaters

  • Sasol Chemicals- Design, Engineering, Supply of a 126 MMBtu/hr Hot Oil Heater with APH, SCR and Ammonia System