CFD Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling is an advanced simulation technology which is capable of performing detailed combustion analysis of burners to study the flow temperature profiles along with the flue gas circulation pattern in the heater. The simulation helps to understand the heater insights in terms of flue gas flow pattern, heat flux distribution over radiant tubes, tube metal temperatures, and temperature distribution in the heater.

At Furnace Improvements, we utilize CFD to study design and operating conditions of heaters, locate problems and provide solutions:

  • Evaluate burner configurations, to improve heater performance

  • Uniform air flow distribution across all burners

  • Design of Ammonia Injection Grid to have uniform mixing

  • Uniform process fluid distribution across transfer lines

  • Reduce system pressure losses for ID fan suction and discharge side

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This tool enables us to study the existing design and operating conditions of heaters and determine recommendations for solving any difficulties. CFD gives a competitive edge over other analyses due to its visual presentation of the observed conditions and proposed modification.

Improving Fired Heater Performance using CFD

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