Supply of New Hot Oil Heater

Furnace Improvements (FIS) was employed to perform an engineering study on a Hot Oil Heater (H-3) for Illinois refinery. FIS submitted the design and was awarded a contract for the turnkey supply of a new Hot Oil Heater for BEU unit.

The BEU Heater (H-3) is a natural draft, vertical cylindrical heater with a radiant section, convection section, and stack. The heater is designed to heat 125,600 BPD of hot oil from 420°F to 578°F. The design heat duty of the heater is 165 MMBtu/hr.

The flue gas temperature leaving the radiant and convection section is 1,503°F and 470°F respectively. The firing rate of heater is 187.4 with an efficiency of 88% (LHV). It is designed for fuel gas firing with 20% excess air considering 1.5% heat loss.

FIS executed the design, engineering, fabrication, inspection, testing and supply of all components for this hot oil heater.

The client requested an expedited delivery for this heater to meet their turnaround schedule.

  • The heater was delivered to the site within 9 months of receiving of order

  • The fabrication was completed to such an extent, that there were no structural welds at the site. All connections were designed to be bolted connections

This heater was successfully commissioned in May 2009.