Hot Oil Heater, Wyoming

Furnace Improvements (FIS) was employed by a refinery in Wyoming to study Hot Oil Heater (HT-501). The Hot Oil Heater was originally designed as a cabin type heater in 1964, for total process duty of 25 MMBtu/hr. Lean oil was heated from 415 °F to 460 °F in the heater and the original design fuel efficiency was 80% (LHV).


FIS analyzed the design and existing condition of the heater. According to the inspection report of FIS, the following points were observed:

  • Radiant tubes were misaligned, and the tube supports & hangers were in corroded condition

  • Hot spots were observed in the radiant section

  • Burner dampers were not in operating condition

  • Large amount of air was leaking through radiant and convection section of the heater, which resulted in the loss of fuel energy

Based on the above observations, FIS proposed three revamp options:

  1. Replacing the heater with new vertical cylindrical heater

  2. Replacing the heater with new cabin heater having the same plot area of existing heater

  3. Revamping the existing heater by replacing:

    • Radiant coils, refractory and radiant tube supports

    • Existing convection section with new improved convection section

    • Burners

New Vertical Cylindrical Hot Oil Heater:

Client opted for option 1 and awarded FIS with a contract for the turnkey supply of new Hot Oil Heater for their gas plant.

FIS executed process and mechanical design, structural analysis, material procurement, fabrication and installation of the hot oil heater within 8 months.

FIS also supplied the burner management system and procured all the instrumentation controls of the heater. The heater was designed for an increased efficiency of 86% and it was commissioned in August 2007.