Low Cost Solutions for Fired Heaters and Boilers

Furnace Improvements is a full service engineering and consulting company dedicated to improving the performance of existing fired heaters and building better furnaces.

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Our Mission:

Improve the performance, increase the efficiency, and decrease the NOx emissions of fired heaters and boilers effectively, economically, and with a practical approach.

Our Services

New Heater Design

With years of experience inspecting and revamping heaters, we know exactly what goes into making an efficient and economical heater. Let us design your next heater.


Furnace Improvements has the experience and knowledge to revamp any refinery fired heater, industrial boiler, or CO Boiler.

NOx Reduction

FIS has the knowledge to reduce NOx emission and at the same time increase capacity, improve efficiency, and increase reliability.


It is common to encounter problems like high tube skin temperatures, high excess air operation, positive pressure, or excess corrosion. We can help.

CFD Modeling

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) involves the solution of mass, momentum and heat transfer equations in a particular domain. We use this cutting edge tool to help you.


FIS offers on-site training programs to train and guide your engineers. These trainings give a solid basis and tools to understand how a furnace works.

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15 Years Experience

10 Project Countries

350 Projects

2 Offices Worldwide