Uniform Heat Transfer in Fired Heaters

Our mission is to improve the performance of fired heaters and

help our clients reduce their energy costs.


Our Services

For over 20 years now, Furnace Improvements Services (FIS) has been helping end users and owners with design and engineering services to improve the performance and efficiency of their fired heaters and boilers as well as help refinery reduce NOx emissions. Furnace Improvements has several patented technologies for improving performance of fired heaters.

FIS Patented Technologies

inclined firing system

Reduces flame impingement and high tube metal temperatures

split flow technology

Increases capacity with limited process side pressure drop


Reduces coking & tube metal temperatures

smart stack damper

Safe & Reliable Draft Control System

Our Company

Furnace Improvements Services (FIS) provides complete turn-key services for the design, engineering and supply of new fired heaters to end users. Our designs are the most economical, efficient, and reliable. We have a vision to be the ultimate technology provider for fired heaters and boilers.

FIS can revamp all types of refinery fired heaters including Crude, Vacuum, Catalytic Reformer, Hot Oil, Coker Heaters and CO boilers.